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In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, MIM is proud to present Latin GRAMMY winner Gaby Moreno. Moreno’s captivating blend of blues, jazz, soul and R&B have made the singer-songwriter a rising star on the international music scene. In 2007, she won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest’s Song of the Year Award, becoming the first ever winner in the Latin category. In 2010 she was nominated for an Emmy Award for composing the theme song for the hit NBC show Parks and Recreation. In 2013 she received the Latin GRAMMY Award for Best New Artist. Moreno has been touring around Europe and the United States, presenting her music in English and Spanish and living critics mesmerized with “a voice that blends sweet and yet powerful, with melodies that caress the soul.”

Win tickets to see Gaby Moreno on 9/18 at MIM Theater!  We have a pair of tickets to this excellent show, all thanks to the MIM!  To enter send an email to with “Gaby Moreno” on the title.  On the message put down your name and phone number.

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As a guitarist, Blake Mills is in a league of his own; as a songwriter, he’s downright intimidating. Since quietly releasing his debut album, Break Mirrors, which critics hailed as one of the best albums of 2010, Mills has been consistently busy. He has produced recordings for the Alabama Shakes, Sara Watkins, Conor Oberst, and Fiona Apple, with whom he toured extensively in 2013 and 2014. His services as a guitarist have been frequently called upon by both Rick Rubin and Don Was, and he has played with Lucinda Williams, Neil Diamond, Julian Casablancas, Band of Horses, and Norah Jones. However, perhaps his most significant endeavor has been creating his highly anticipated second solo album, Heigh Ho. Mills asked several of his musical heroes—Jim Keltner, Tony Berg, Don Was, Jon Brion, Benmont Tench, Rob Moose, Gabe Kahane, Mike Elizondo, Griffin Goldsmith, and Fiona Apple (who duets on the slow-burning “Seven” and timeless-sounding “Don’t Tell Our Friends about Me”)—to collaborate on the album, which is set to be released in September.

Blake Mills will be performing at the MIM on 9/17!   We have a pair of tickets to this cool show, all thanks to the MIM!  To enter send an email to with “Blake Mills” on the title.  On the message put down your name and phone number.

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Win tickets to see Miniature Tigers!!!


Our hometown buds, Miniature Tigers are coming to Crescent Ballroom on August 3rd with The Griswolds, Finish Ticket,  and Party Gardens.   We have a pair of tickets to this awesome show!


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Win tickets to see Kevin Miso & Kara Hesse!!!


Kevin Miso and Kara Hesse are coming to the MIM Music Theatre on July 10th!  We have pairs of tickets to giveaway to this show, all thanks to MIM!


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Win tickets to see Phox!!!


WI’s band, Phox is coming to Rhythm Room on 6/30 with Trails & Ways!!!  We have a pair of tickets to this fun show!

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Win tickets to see Yip Deceiver!!!


Yip Deceiver will be performing live at the Crescent Ballroom on June 16 with Electric Six and Brett.  We have a pair of tickets to this awesome show, all thanks to Yip Deceiver!!!

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Phantogram & Teen- 04/18/14 Marquee Theater show review –Conner Chase

As I learned about an hour before the show, Teen, a band that I was already quite fond of, was the opener. This came as a pleasant surprise and I was delighted to finally be able to see them. The Teen I knew from their first record had evolved into a full-fledged assault of female talent assisted with pristine equipment. I was also lucky enough to catch them a week before the release of their new album The Way and The Colour so the whole set was chock full of intricate and beautiful new songs with complicated arrangements and a unique injection of soul. Considering the context of the show, Teen was the perfect all-female powerhouse to light the initial flame of this electrified show.

And so, the electric explosion that was Phantogram’s set began to unfold with a unique introduction to set the overall mood and intensity. Phantogram tore through their dense set with style, emotion, and poise as lasers and mirrors reflected beams of light in every direction. With a unique mix of new music from their new album Voices, as well as older material, Phantogram wove a memorable set which they performed with staggering precision and enjoyment. Although, I did feel as though a large portion of the set was track based, which was sort of disappointing because it doesn’t speak to the talent that Sarah and Josh of Phantogram truly possess. The energy inside the Marquee that night was tangible, everyone around felt it as we became fluid and moved to the beat of the music. This sold out show was one to remember, and I even managed to get my hands on a setlist, as I traded art with the drummer, who was nice enough to interact with me. That Phantogram show was one that I will never forget, and next time they come through town, you should not miss them. — Conner Chase

Neutral Milk Hotel - Crescent Ballroom April 16th 2014 - Conner Chase

This concert had me a tad nervous, even the idea of seeing Neutral Milk Hotel was a distant dream and I was nervous about how the show would stack up with my outrageous expectations. Luckily, it did not disappoint, and that night at Crescent Ballroom was one I know I will never forget.

Before we get to the main event, I’d like to take some time to talk about the opener, Elf Power. Having no previous knowledge of the band, other than knowing they were closely affiliated with Neutral Milk Hotel and the Elephant 6 Collective, I was excited to hear if they were anything like what I expected. Unfortunately, they were not all dressed like elves as I had pictured, but I guess you could say that they were the next best thing. Elf Power delivered genuine and whole-hearted music with a grungy, classic rock vibe and provided an array of crazy instrumentation, including an electric saxophone (I didn’t even know that was a thing). While some of the songs seemed simple enough to be deemed mildly boring, they had some other great songs to make up for it. Honestly, if I was in Neutral Milk Hotel, I couldn’t think of a better situation than having your close friends and great musicians tour with you. Verdict: these elves brought the power and left me excited for what was to come next.

Now was time for the main event, everyone was required to put away their phones, refrain from taking pictures, and be fully engaged in the experience, which made the show so much more pleasurable. Scraggly and bearded Jeff Mangum took the stage alone with his guitar and began to strum the familiar tune of “Two Headed Boy” met by a frenzy of cheering and singing. It was so great seeing Jeff feel comfortable and really enjoying himself after such a long hiatus, I even saw him smile which made me feel so incredibly happy.  Another aspect of this show that was so great was that at all times, everyone was singing along and having such a great time, these were songs that everyone knew and they meant a lot to everyone at the show. As “Two Headed Boy” finished, the rest of the band poured in and began building the instrumentation for “The Fool”. The set was engaging; it flowed so seamlessly from one song to the next and the emotional delivery brought the concert-goers (especially myself) to tears. It’s sort of hard to describe how one feels when holding hands with everyone around them as everyone sings along to “In the Aeroplane Over The Sea”, but needless to say it’s an incredibly beautiful and touching experience. Due to the fact that phones were not allowed, distractions were pleasantly minimal; people were creating actual memories and experiences rather than viewing the show through their phone screen and distracting everyone around them. I am a firm believer that genuine memories are far better than intrinsic memories, and this show really hammered that home. Overall, the show was insanely high energy, actually had a fair bit of moshing and crowd surfing, and left me exhausted in the best way possible. This show was, in conclusion, medicine for the soul, and I’m so glad that I was there to experience it all.

—Conner Chase

Win tickets to see Bogan Via!!!


Hometown favorites, Bogan Via will be performing live on May 12th with New Young Pony Club along with A Cloud for Climbing and Josh Gooday (Vial of Sound)!  We have a pair of tickets to this exciting show, all thanks to Stateside Presents!

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CHVRCHES Live review at the Marquee Theatre 4/21/2014 - melissa fossum


April is one of the best months to see concerts in Phoenix due to the amount of bands stopping by en route to Coachella. The last few weeks have been very busy—depending on the amount of shows you saw, it may be blur, but Chvrches is one of those bands that stood out.

A good comparison I can draw is Lorde. I photographed the New Zealand songstress a week prior to this show, and couldn’t help but wonder if the show was worth the money. Both Lorde and Lana del Rey performed at Comerica Theatre and put on a show that lasted roughly an hour. Chvrches is another buzzband with a short set—not surprising for a band with one full length album—but the band’s Arizona debut felt a lot more special than Lorde’s performance.


Selling out Marquee Theatre on your first visit to Arizona is pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that fans got into the show—while there were plenty of folks standing around wishing to be seen, the majority of the crowd sang along or danced to Chvrches’ synthpop songs.

Vocalist Lauren Mayberry told the audience a couple of stories about her time in Arizona. She showed off a piece of jewelry that she bought at a local thrift shop. A buddy of mine who lived in Glasgow for a few years had lunch with Mayberry, and said that she bought the triangular necklace at Buffalo Exchange because it reminded her of Chrvches’ logo.

Chvrches’ set was on point—the three piece sounded great live. Songs like “The Mother We Share” and “Recover” yielded the strongest sing-alongs, but some of the best moments of the show stemmed from lesser known songs.

A highlight of the evening was “Tether,” which reminded me of a soundtrack to an ‘80s romantic comedy. Listen to it and picture Molly Ringwald lusting after the popular boy in school.


The band did not perform any covers, but Chvrches finished strong with “By the Throat.” “The Mother we Share” seemed like the logical closer, but the rise and fall of “Throat” sounded lovely. 


We Sink




Night Sky

Strong Hand





The Mother we Share



You Caught the Light

By the Throat 

—melissa fossum

Win Tickets to see Leopold and His Fiction and The Soft White Sixties


On Wednesday, April 16, Last Exit Live will be featuring Leopold and His Fiction and The Soft White Sixties with special guests Northern Hustle.   We have pairs of tickets to giveaway to this show, all thanks to Last Exit Live!

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