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Run the Jewels Review by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run The Jewels, the hip-hop collaboration between El-P and Killer Mike, made its triumphant return to Marquee Theatre on Sunday, January 29, 2017 as part of the “Run the Jewels: Run the World” tour, in support of the duo’s most recent album release, RTJ3.

RTJ emerged to an eager sold out crowd to the tune of Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” The audience cheered and screamed as both rappers made the duo’s trademark “fist and gun” logo.

Run The Jewels’ set started with a rapid fire trio of songs from its new album, in an onslaught of bass and strobes. A couple RTJ2 songs followed- “Blockbuster Night, Part 1” and “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” causing the audience to react in a way that looked more like a punk show than a rap show.

Marquee Theatre was hot and sweaty and filled to the brim with RTJ fans who were absolutely loving what was happening on stage. It was like the audience was full of lots of nervous energy after the election, and let it all out in an explosion of power lead by Run the Jewels. The duo occasionally discussed politics and tied it in with gratitude for their support in a notoriously red state.

RTJ’s set mostly focused on RTJ3. Even though Run the Jewels last performed at Marquee Theatre a couple years ago, everything about this concert felt bigger, right down to the huge “fist and gun” hands on either side of the stage. The RTJ3 tour is bigger, better, and full of way more bass and colorful strobe lights.

My personal bias is that I wish I would have heard more songs from RTJ 1 and 2. I briefly chatted with a friend after the show who disagreed, and was happy to see RTJ3 so well represented. But then again, I haven’t given RTJ3 nearly the attention it deserves just yet. I’m sure I will be singing along to the RTJ3 songs by the next time Run the Jewels returns to Tempe.

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum


1. Talk to me
2. Legend has it
3. Call Ticketron
4. Blockbuster Night, Part 1
5. Oh My Darling Don’t Cry
6. Nobody Speak
7. Hey Kids (Bumaye)
8. Stay Gold
9. Don’t Get Captured
10. Panther Like a Panther
11. Everybody Stay Calm
12. Love Again
13. Lie, Cheat, Steal
14. Early
15. Run the Jewels
16. A Report to the Shareholders
17. Down

18. Kill Your Masters
19. Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck)

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Run the Jewels Run the World Tour: Photo by Melissa Fossum


Bad Religion/Against Me! review by Melissa Fossum


Bad Religion, Against Me!, and Dave Hause performed at Marquee Theatre on November 3, 2016, as part of the Vox Populi tour. It’s remarkable that Bad Religion has been a band for nearly four decades, and remains one of the most relevant and successful punk bands around.

This pre-election show was full of nostalgia for an older crowd. The same line up could have, in theory, taken place at Marquee Theatre a decade prior, but a few big changes have since occurred. For one, Against Me!’s singer, Laura Jane Grace, came out as transgender a couple years ago. Since then, Against Me! has released some of its best lyrical content and continues to grow.

The other major shift is the dissolution of The Loved Ones. While they are dearly missed, front man Dave Hause has been very successful with his eponymous band.

Bad Religion played a massive set that included nearly 30 songs, but clocked in around two hours. The setlist more or less acted as a Bad Religion “greatest hits” playlist with a few newer songs strategically sprinkled in. The crowd adored songs like “Suffer,” “21st Century (Digital Boy)”, “You,” “Do What You Want,” etc.

The event concluded with “Fuck Armageddon…This is Hell” and an explosion of energy. Seeing Bad Religion’s phenomenal stage presence is a testament to the longevity and success of these punk stalwarts.

Oasis: Supersonic Review by Henri!


Let me start off saying Oasis is one of my favorite bands, and I was thrilled that I got to see early screening of this feature!   After seeing it, I can now say it is absolutely one of the music documentaries of the year!   Oasis was one of the massive UK bands in 90s, this documentary tells their story from the early beginnings to their ultimate rise spanning 3 years!   It has many great exclusive footage from their early gigs at King Tut Wah Wah where the band was discovered by Creation Records Legend Alan McGee, their early gigs in the US (the infamous Whiskey A Go Go gig), and throughout the world.    You will go “Mad Fer It!” to the end!

Oasis: Supersonic will be shown at Filmbar on Oct 26, and more showtimes throughout the week!


Extra clip:

M83 Review by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83 returned to Phoenix on Wednesday, April 13 touring in support of Junk, which was released a week prior. Much like Santigold, it had been a few years since M83 last performed in Phoenix. Both bands previously performed at Crescent Ballroom and played at much larger venues this time around.

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83 was well-suited for the cavernous Comerica Theatre. The Junk tour features tons of visuals that really come to life on a big stage. The set was a pretty even balance of fan favorites and new songs.

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

The crowd seemed to want to dance more than anything. “Wait” is one of M83’s most beautiful songs, but I overheard a few people loudly complaining about how sad the song was. Things quickly picked up during “Midnight City” as the audience stopped talking and started dancing.

The highlight of the show was hearing “Oblivion” in the encore. Kaela Sinclair joined the band in February 2016 as Morgan Kibby’s replacement on vocals and keyboards. Norwegian vocalist Susanne Sundfør sang the original song as part of the eponymous movie sound track, but Sinclair totally nailed it.

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

The six-song encore concluded with “Couleurs” and “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun” for an epic finale befitting for a band like M83.

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum



1. Reunion

2. Do It, Try It

3. Steve McQueen

4. We Own the Sky

5. OK Pal

6. Intro

7. Wait

8. Go!

9. Midnight City

10. Echoes of Mine

11. Outro


12. Road Blaster

13. Laser Gun

14. Walkway Blues

15. Oblivion

16. Couleurs

17. Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

M83: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold Review

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold made her triumphant return to Phoenix on Monday, March 28, 2016 as part of the 99 Cent tour. Santi last came to the Valley in 2012, performing a sold out show at Crescent Ballroom. Much like the previous show, this year’s Marquee Theatre concert was phenomenal.

Although many fans would prefer to see Santigold perform in an intimate venue like Crescent Ballroom, the large space at Marquee worked out. The 99 Cent tour features tons of visuals, which were a great fit for the Marquee stage.

The show included lots of fan favorites from Santigold’s first two albums, as well as a great selection of songs from the new album.

Even though it was a Monday night, Marquee Theatre sprung to life and was packed wall to wall with a hot, sweaty audience who danced incessantly.

Santigold’s backup dancers were one of the highlights of the show. The duo stood on either side of Santi and moved in unison, often including some great and innovative dance moves.

Like the Crescent show, Santi invited the crowd to join her for “Creator.” This created wonderful chaos at Crescent, because it was difficult to get everybody off stage. Security promptly urged the audience to leave the stage at Marquee, but that was no bother, because plenty more dancing was to be had to songs like “Go!” and “Brooklyn Go Hard.”

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Santigold: Photo by Melissa Fossum

Our Lists for the Best Shows of 2015!


Kimber Lanning:

Vox Urbana, Crescent, 1/24/15

Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Civic Space Park, 2/21/15

Buena Vista Social Club, Mesa Arts Center, 10/21/15

Saga Mambo, Portland Parkway, 11/14/15

Dario Miranda:

Tal National @ the MIM, 5/1/15

Here We Go Magic @ Valley Bar, 11/15/15

Other Lives @ Crescent Ballroom, 6/16/15

Jose Gonzalez @ Mesa Center For the Arts, 10/14/15

La Luz @ Valley Bar, 8/13/15

Henri! Ng:

Ride @ Crescent Ballroom, 11/9/15

Jesus and Mary Chain @ Marquee, 8/14/15

Wolf Alice @ Valley Bar, 10/11/15

Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ MIM – 6/7/15

Panda Bear @ Crescent, 4/11/15

Worth Mentioning: Viva Phx (3/14), Mesa Music Festival (Nov 13-15), Swervedriver – Valley Bar 9/23, Catfish and Bottlemen – Crescent 9/25, Citrus Clouds, Tierra Firme – Rogue, 12/19, Bear State, Cherie Cherie – Stinkweeds 2/28.

Allyson Bills:

1.4/13/15: Swans at Crescent Ballroom

2. 11/4/15: ANTEMASQUE at Crescent Ballroom

3. 11/15/15: Beach Slang at The Rebel Lounge

4. 6/2/15: The Rentals at Crescent Ballroom

5. 4/17/15: Built to Spill at Crescent Ballroom

6. 12/5/15: Muse and Phantogram at Gila River Arena

7. 3/16/15: Title Fight and Merchandise at The Underground

8. 5/15/15: Nothing and Cloakroom at Pub Rock Live

9. 11/9/15: Ride at Crescent Ballroom

10. 4/29/15: Sleater-Kinney at Marquee Theatre

Honorable Mention: 3/28/15: Pile, Twin Ponies and Dent at Cornish Pasty

Iris Andrade:

Sleater Kinney @ The Marquee, 4/29/2015

Mitski/Elvis Depressedley @ The Rebel Lounge, 7/05/2015

Nellie McKay @ The MIM, 5/18/2015

The Family Crest/Goodnight, Texas/Owl & Penny @ Valley Bar, 7/27/2015

Wolf Alice @ Valley Bar, 10/11/2015

Song River:

1) Coamerica Oct. 13th Echo Smith/Twenty One Pilots:

2) Joe’s Grotto Nov. 16th Frnkiero andthe Cellebration:

3) Quail Run Park June 23rd Vans Warped Tour 2015

4) The Marquee Theater Dec 14th The 1975/Swim Deep

5) Joes Gotto Oct. 6th Fronzilla/Pallisades/Whitney Payton/It Lives It Breathes

6) The Marquee Theater Nov 24th All That Remains/Devour the Day/Sons of Texas

7) The Marquee Theater December 12th K. Flay/The Mowglis/Lights

???? Talking Stick Arena June 13th Aerosmith

9) US Airways July 25th Imagine Dragons

10) The Marquee July 28th Social Distortion

Local: The Apache Lake Music Festival Oct 23,24th

Lindsay Cates:

Abigail Washburn/Bela Fleck – MIM, 5/6/15

Will Johnson – Great Az Puppet Theater, 10/24/15

Metz – Crescent Ballroom, 8/18/15

Esme Patterosn – Rebel Lounge, 5/30/15

Jose Gonzalez – Mesa Arts Center, 10/14/15

Jeff Taylor:

3/8 – Viet Cong at Pub Rock

3/26 – Oneohtrix Point Never at ASU West Fitness Complex

8/2 – Unknown Mortal Orchestra at Crescent Ballroom

9/8 – Bearcubbin at The Rebel Lounge

12/19 – J Fernandez at Crescent Ballroom

Melissa Fossum:

14-Apr Sylvan Esso at Crescent

28-Apr Sleater-Kinney at Marquee

3-Jul Wilco at Salt River Fields

25-Oct Sufjan Stevens at Orpheum

31-Jan Kanye West and Rihanna secret Super Bowl show

15-Oct Run the Jewels at Marquee Theatre

21-Sep Cut Copy at Renaissance Hotel

24-Oct Garth Brooks at Talking Stick Resort Arena

22-Jun Purity Ring at Crescent Ballroom

10-Apr Death Cab For Cutie at Quail Run Park

Mother Mother Review

Mother Mother

Fairy Bones at the PRESSROOM (phoenix, az)

03/06/2015- Song River


This past Wednesday evening after a very hot Arizona day, the Valley was entertained by two bands: Fairy Bones (A local Phoenix favorite) and Canada’s own synthpop group Mother Mother. Several people I spoke with commented that they had driven in from other parts of Arizona and California to hear Mother Mother, and the meeting of the fans’ expectations became quite clear from the very note on stage.

Mother Mother from Vancouver, British Columbia delivered the energetic sounds from their latest album “Very Good Bad Thing.” (VGBT, album number four, was released here in the states April 2014, under Def Jam records).


Danceable overtures of 80’s pop with a touch of psychedelic-glitter wave, Mother Mother relayed all their elements and spread their Canadian borders even further South. 

Total satisfaction, total elation, total completion was handed over by Fairy Bones and Mother Mother. A spot on billing at The Pressroom.


Expendables Interview from Song River at the Pot of Gold music festival


There must be something in the air, or is it the water out in Santa Cruz, California? The ease of the music, the good vibes, and The Expendables. Having shared the stage with NOFX, Less Than Jake, Slightly Stoopid, Pennywise, Pepper, 311, and many others. Check it, as our musical bowl is full and the reggae-rock-punk sound invites.

It was finally a quiet warm California afternoon, the freeways were wide-open, and as the car tires road over the gravel driveway, the vehicle pulled up and parked outside an industrial sized building. The doors opened, and the studios couches called for a sit and a chat with drummer Adam Patterson of The Expendables.

Song River: Since 1997 The Expendables have been creating music. Blending reggae, punk, and rock. Without second guessing, The Expendables have fueled the rock-n-roll tank over and over again across the states. How many miles have you all tallied up as a band since then?

Adam Patterson: (laughed) We started in high school, sophomores and juniors. Wow, we have toured so much across the country, so many times. First a van, then another, now a bus… at least a million miles!

Song: What were some of the early influences, and how did your hometown of Santa Cruz, Ca. impact your style?

Adam: Early on we played in the style we play now. Sublime was a heavy influence on us, a lot of bands got into the sound/music. Santa Cruz was a heavy reggae/punk mix. It just kind of fit. It was already in motion, Santa Cruz wasn’t heavily influenced by rap/rock. The mix of people, culture, lifestyle- surfers, hippies, skaters- those in between- it’s a mesh, a little of everything.

As we progressed the style was loved everywhere we went. When we toured Germany at first they didn’t really understand the style, but now they love it, it is accepted. That was a great experience, Germany. We really enjoyed it and would certainly love to go back.

Song: Talk about how you infuse reggae and punk? Do they seem to be at odds?

Adam: As for style, I think reggae may sound different- but politically they aren’t too far off. I see them as the yin/yang of each other. Bob Marley was adding a lot of rock in his later music. Tosh had a very aggressive reggae style, listen to his lyrics. However, The Expendables, we are looking more to blend, so it is fun. It took us a while, we mimicked Sublime at the start, but we now even have a weird Iron Maiden, heavy ’80’s rock vibe of influence. Our guitar player is very rock-oriented. People call what we do- California Reggae.

Song: If you were to choose a ‘mantra’ for the band, or what The Expendables stand for, it would be?

Adam: We aren’t crazy political, we are a party vibe band, here to have a good time! We don’t get too serious, when you come to our shows after two to three hours you forget your worries. That is what our music is about, forgetting your worries, relaxing and good times with your friends.

Song: How many albums did you produce independently, prior to going under the Stoopid Records label (Slightly Stoopid)?

Adam: Our first three full-length albums were completely independent: No Time to Worry (2001), Open Container (2003), and Gettin’ Filthy (2004). [*According to The Expendables bio these three albums brought in a total of over 40,000 units sold with no physical distribution and no record label.] Then our last ones are under the Stoopid label: The Expendables (2007), Prove It (2010), Sand in the Sky (2015) .

Song: Has being under a label changed things?

Adam: Not really, we are still 100% in control of own production. It is hard to give someone else the control- they have worked with us. They help us with distribution, and that makes a huge difference.

Song: Your relationship with Slightly Stoopid has been a long one.

Adam: At 17 we started bugging them, (laughed) Slightly Stoopid, we would follow them around, we all were huge fans. We kept putting our music in front of their faces, not being pests, but they gave us shows here and there, and then as we got better, they even brought us on our first nationwide tour in 2002. Working with them is great. We ‘share’ fans and I think that adds to the package of the shows now.

Song: Which is the band more drawn to, festivals or smaller, intimate clubs?

Adam: I think we play in more club settings, and do big festivals as well. Personally, I prefer being able to connect, it’s more of my personal feeling. I’ll go hang out with fans after a show. Some of our good friends were our fans. I like to hang out with them as much as possible.

Song: Band life I am sure life has changed from when you all first began- touring, recording. Now, there is family, etc..

Adam: I think now we can focus on songwriting, and recording albums more now. We have a studio spot, we used to do it in garages. Now though we are in a studio, with couches, in a spot where it makes it all so much easier. Plus, life is changing too. I recently became engaged, and our bass player has a child. So, making those steps to focus more on creating music, and doing tours maybe more like 3 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 3 weeks on.

Song: How do The Expendables keep from burnout, you’ve been together a long time.

Adam: None of us have a back up plan (laughed). By default we are going to do the music together thing, we are friends, and we love what we do. We are taking steps, as I mentioned before. I still want to be touring when I am 80, but not doing 200 or more shows a year.

Song: In January you released your third album under Stoopid Records, Sand in the Sky, during your annual “Winter Blackout Tour.” Sand in the Sky was mixed by Butthole Surfer guitarist and legendary producer, Paul Leary (Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, U2, Weezer) and co-produced by The Expendables and Gordon Brislawn. The album has been well received and continues to be The Expendables full force. How was it working with Gordon Brislawn and what’s next?

Adam: Yes, on this last album we worked with Gordon Brislawn, and it was great. As a producer he kept us moving. Spending more time working on having everything set, ready, go- so when we hit the studio, the hard-work had been done and boom in three days we had it. He is great and helping you on what to do, not telling you what to do.

As for what’s next. We already have 4 or 5 songs finished, and have written a few more. We took five years to do this one, and we don’t want to do that again… (pauses) maybe 18 months for a new one? Meanwhile, follow us on social media, and our website- it is there you can keep track of our tour dates, and places we will be.

Busy, life is busy… but when you’re doing what you love it is a part of your day to day living, and according to drummer Adam Patterson of The Expendables add to this list… a wedding in August…

For more information:

twitter.com/theexpendables (@theexpendables)

Pot Of Gold Festival Re-cap

Our photographer Song River was on the front lines of the Pot Of Gold Festival at Tempe Beach Park capturing some great images. We’d love to hear from you and some of your stories from the festival too!!












Our Lists for the Best Shows of 2014!!!


Song River:

Escape the Fate Falling in Reverse Survive This!- Jan 17th, 2014 . Marquee Theater

Pixies and Best Coast- Comerica Theatre – Feb 24, 2014

Black Mountain Moonshine May 21, 2014 – Icehouse

The lovelost June 18th, 2014 – Icehouse

The Bittersweet Way- August 22, 2014 – Rogue

Treasurefruit- Oct 22, 2014 – Icehouse

Weezer- Oct 17, 2014 – Az State Fair

Mills End- Sept 13, 2014 .- Last Exit Live

This Wild Life, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping Sirens- Nov 8, 2014- Rialto Theater

Americana Rocks- Dec. 6, 2014 – Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers, The Delta Fifths, and Mr. Lucky- Yucca Tap Room

Iris Andrade:

10/08 Belle & Sebastian, Orpheum Theater

5/29 First Aid Kit, Crescent Ballroom

01/11 Janelle Monae, Marquee Theater

11/23 Alvvays, Pub Rock

Henri Ng:

Ryan Adams w/ Jenny Lewis @ Gammage, 12/10/14

Alvvays @ Pub Rock,  11/23/14

Los Dias De La Crescent (Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta, Snake Snake Snakes!, Dry River Yacht Club, and others) @ Civic Space Park, 11/15/14

Dum Dum Girls  (A) @ Crescent Ballroom, 3/9/14, (B) @ Zia Records Camelback, 3/9/14 (C) @ Crescent Ballroom 11/13/14

Yelle @ Crescent Ballroom, 11/3/14

Darlene Love @ Talking Stick, 11/1/14

Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ Scottsdale Performing Center of the Arts, 11/14/14

Metronomy @ Crescent Ballroom, 10/18/14

Sondre Lerche w/ TEEN @ MIM Theatre, 10/4/14

Paul McCartney @ US Airways Center, 8/12/14

First Aid Kit @ Crescent Ballroom, 5/29/14

Of the Painted Choir @ Crescent Ballroom, 6/12/14

The Ghost of the Sabre Tooth Tiger @ Crescent Ballroom, 3/15/14

Chromeo @ Marquee, 4/19/14

Pet Shop Boys @ Comerica Theatre, 4/18/14

Ash @ Rips, 2/2/14

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Crescent Ballrom, 5/10/14

Best Openers:

PAWS @ Rhythm Room, 5/11/14

The Nix  @ Last Exit Live, 1/9/14

Casket Girls @ Crescent Ballroom, 3/9/14

The Lovelost @ Crescent Lounge, 9/8/14

Chicha Dust @ Crescent Ballroom,  6/12/14

Fear of Men @ Crescent Ballroom, 5/10/14

Fairy Bones @ Yucca Tap Room, 12/31/14

Lindsay Cates:

wye oak – crescent ballroom, 7/18/14

courtney barnett – crescent ballroom, 11/5/14

luluc – stinkweeds instore, 11/10/14

dengue fever – crescent ballroom, 9/11/14

together pangea – last exit, 2/1/14

willie watson – crescent ballroom, 11/4/14

water liars – last exit, 11/17/14

trans am – crescent ballroom, 6/2/14

Dario Miranda:

Courtney Barnett @ Crescent Ballroom, 11/5/2014

Downtown Chamber Series with Flamenco Por la Vida @ Legend City, 11/15/2014

Damien Jurado @ Crescent Ballroom, 5/17/2014

Califone, Wooden India, Destruction Unit, Cherie Cherie @ The Icehouse Gallery, 3/21/2014

Neutral Milk Hotel @ Crescent Ballroom , 4/16/2014

Melissa Fossum:

4/9/14 Sleigh Bells at Crescent Ballroom

5/21/14 Against Me! at Nile Theater

3/18/14 St. Vincent at Orpheum Theatre

8/4/14 The Hold Steady at Crescent Ballroom

8/8/14 Paramore at Ak-Chin Pavilion

8/12/14 Paul McCartney at US Airways Center

10/8/14 Belle and Sebastian at Orpheum Theatre

6/23/14 The Menzingers at Pub Rock

6/30/14 Deafheaven at Crescent Ballroom

1/11/14 Whisperlights final show at Crescent Ballroom

9/16/14 The Breeders at Crescent Ballroom

1/22/14 Red City Radio at Yucca Tap Room