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NO VOLCANO Album Review by Song River.



Don’t miss their CD release show this Saturday at the Pressroom!


No Volcano CD Debut: Who Saved the Party

Onus Records


CD Review: Song River


Support local music locally. The new No Volcano album Who Saved the Party on Onus Records is available at Stinkweeds, Revolver Records and Zia Records. Shut-ins, hermits and out-of-state No Volcano fans download and stream the album and get free goodies at !


Here is my testimony: (Writer is real, an unpaid, dedicated, compassionate, music lover. One who lives and breathes on a meager income. Plus four out five doctors recommend a dosage of music daily, it’s better than sex and lasts longer.)


Testimony: Since I began my strict diet of local music I have found I have less gas, my hair stopped falling out, my complexion cleaned up, my teeth are pearly white, my boss gave me a annual raise of 15% a year, my jeans fit just so, my breasts are perky, and the hamster who I thought was dead began spinning his wheels again! Oh yes, Onus Saves.

Currently listening to No Volcano and it is beyond delicious baby!- Song River




No Volcano, available (see above) is the first release under the gentle comfort of Onus Records. Nine tracks of musical assuagement to fulfill even the crustiest ears daunted and worn by modern corporate spinage.


The mix has an easy formulation to digest, a late evening blend of righteous lingering saunters to sway, dance, or beep bop along to.  Tribute opening the measure sends the soul into motion with long, spaghetti strung guitar notes. New York Drugstore burning off the synth opening and lifting off, I’ll meet you on the corner, but I will stay cleanWho Saved the Party, never answering who, but it can be guessed that the good Doctor himself would be able to keep in step and Moffat needs to grab this song for an episode in my opinion. My favorite track, (Why? I don’t know… maybe it reminds me a titch of a club long ago- Nino’s in Tucson and the peg legged black pants w/boots) is Out of the Moment.


The tune Next to You and The Spoon and Straw equally have that radio play contentment, (at times I heard essence of Dylan’s rough vocals, but felt an earlier garage sound of Strokes- my second faves).


Rounding out No Volcano’s Onus Records pressed and folded birthing- Historian and The Long Game. No better way than to leave the listener pressing the ‘start over again’ button, because once wasn’t in any fashion…enough.

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This week celebrates the release of the new Fairy Bones album Dramabot with a listening party 1/27 at Welcome Diner and a CD release show at the Rogue Bar on 1/31!

Silverplatter contributor SONG RIVER interviewed Chelsey Louise of Fairy Bones:

A Walk With a Spin of Synthamatic Popin’Punk Wave-

Interview with Chelsey Louise of Fairy Bones and a delicious tease of their newest album- Dramabot

By Song River

Chelsey… what have you done? As I went back watched and listened to your recordings since 2013­ I kept thinking where have you kept this powerful explosive voice? How can it be contained in this diminutive female and how much longer before it is blasting from every speaker across the globe?


Chelsey: Well thank you! I’ve been storing my vocal chords in the dark depths of a lagoon off the coast of Switzerland for some time now, but decided to retrieve them from the goo in 2013 to form Fairy Bones. It’s an ancient secret. But we hope this record could take us to “the next step,” which for us is touring nationally and wider radio play. So to answer this question.. soon, hopefully?


Song: Before we get much further though Chelsey, give me some background on you. Were you the powerhouse singer as a kid, belting out birthday and the tune of the day lyrics around the house? Are you vocally trained? Do you come from a musically inclined family? Who were some of your early influences musically?


Chelsey: Actually, no. I was EXTREMELY self-conscience as a kid about..everything. My awesome mum grew up in London, England (both of my parents are actually from the UK, I’m a first ­gen American), and she worked in West End, which is where basically all theatre happens. She passed that passion along to me, and I did my first musical (Bye, Bye, Birdie) when I was about 12 at Scottsdale Desert Stages Theatre. I always thought of myself as more of a dancer who could sing, rather than a singer who could dance (musical theatre kids will understand this well). My dad is a drummer, has been since about 18 (he is now 71 ­ STILL DRUMMING TO THIS DAY!). He opened for The Rolling Stones, had a lot of crazy adventures in the 60’s ­ producing records, playing in awesome bands ­ and he was a huge inspiration for me to start a band. I had a lot of vocal training in my teens and it definitely shows with my style of vocals. You don’t have to be trained to be a good singer, but it helps stylistically. For instance, I’m not a great pop singer. I use too much vibrato, my tone is all wrong, but it works for rock and musicals.


Song: You and Robert Ciuca were formally in a band together, Born Loser and the Hangers On, I believe? What style or sound? Reading the background, it would seem the band amicably dissolved, and now are playing in a variety of bands in Phoenix. If the band did amicably agree to move on, how does or did that occur without hard feelings? As we know bands are much like marriages, and at times dissolution can be very difficult to keep civil. Or was, is there ‘hard’ feelings?


Chelsey: (deep breath) That’s a whoooooole long story, and I’ll spare the details, as I don’t like to air dirty laundry. The breakup wasn’t rotten, but it definitely wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. I think we are all now in a fine place. We see each other at shows and have no hard feelings. BLATHO was more of a pop/rock band, and we were very big advocates of the GLBTQ community. We were a hodgepodge of different backgrounds, styles, lifestyles, and everything. The band was so much fun, such a trip, and I would never take it back. (pauses) You’re right, it is a lot like a marriage, and everyone needs time to heal when something they built and loved together falls apart. Overall, it was for the best. The new bands we are all in are far superior to BLATHO in my opinion. We all wanted to play different styles of music, and now we all get to do exactly what we want, and there is no greater outcome than that!

Song: When I listen to Fairy Bones what I hear is your voice as the central force­, the musical instrument­ that is supported by the entourage of instruments surrounding you. YOU are the cornerstone. Is this something you realize? After all you refer to yourself as the Banshee.


Chelsey: (laughs) Well, a Banshee comes from Irish legend, and it means “a female spirit whose wailing warns of an impending death.” I think the howling is pretty accurate. I appreciate your compliments, and I know the audience generally connects with the singer the most. After all, they’re the ones telling a story through words ­ which we connect with as humans instinctively. Fairy Bones isn’t all about me though, without these musicians behind me, it would be nothing. They drive me, they inspire me, we are a collective, and I’d like to stress that point.


Song: Point is well taken and it is refreshing to hear the connection of respect. The band’s musical influences are easily notable… a mixture reaching back at times to a Warhol ‘isck’ dream state, twisted with grunge, heavy pop metal, DIY Punk, Electronic wave, and a dollop of pop… to say the least I’d place Fairy Bones in the slot of ambiguous… because there isn’t a clarification to place your sound. I can think of multiple labels, but my instincts tell me Fairy Bones isn’t looking for a ‘box.’ What do you say Chelsey?


Chelsey: I absolutely love the way you described us! That’s super on point! We are pretty eclectic. We are definitely not going to fit in a box. We are all different shapes, so it just wouldn’t work. I love Queen, Nirvana and pop, Robert loves Muse and Dave Matthews, Matt likes Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age, Ben loves Frank Zappa and Motown, so when we combine it’s definitely.. different.


Song: Who does most of the songwriting? And how do you bring all of your cross personalities of talents together?


Chelsey: As of right now, I write a majority of the beginnings of songs, but we flush them out as a group. We change the structure, everyone adds their own parts on guitar, synth, bass, and drums, and we go from there. We all share writing credits, and I write the lyrics. Matthew, our drummer, also writes some lyrics. In the beginning, a lot of the songs sounded sort of sporadic, because we were developing our sound. We still are, and we never try to make a song sound a certain way. If it sounds reggae, then we play reggae, if it sounds pop, it’s a pop song. Doesn’t matter to us. This is our life dream, and it’s our business, but in the end, if it’s not fun and creatively inspiring to us, we’re not gonna do it.


Song: Dramabot­, Fairy Bones’ newest album. Let’s chat a bit about the tracks off this album. Opening up I heard you mention that the singer, Cher, and dance club music are a part of the opening track off of Dramabot called, Demon’s and Dogs?


Chelsey: I would very much love to be Cher, but this song is more about relationship decisions. Should I stay, should I go? I want to be needed.. but I need space. Decisions, decisions.


Song: You and You Again… a collective effort. How did that feel to be able to have everyone involved in this track?


Chelsey: Fantastic. We are doing more and more of this style of songwriting for future releases. It’s my favorite song on the record. Bob Hoag added an amazing breakdown that made it snazzy as shitttt.


Song: Waiting, has a dark and heavy sound. What is Waiting? And why did you all decide to place one of your oldest written tracks on this new album?


Chelsey: Well, we did that creepy music video for this song, so I think people really knew it the most. It’s simple, the lyrics are simple, and the breakdown is SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY. You can’t really beat the feeling of people screaming the lyrics at you from the audience.

Song: Next is, Heat on the Lips... Gospel preaching eh? What was it about the song that made you feel it wasn’t your vocal style?


Chelsey: Matthew (drummer) wrote the lyrics, so I had to ask him what it was about, how he felt about it, to get the emotion down. In the end, I pretended to be preaching, because it’s so inspiring and upbeat. I love this song so much, I wanted to make sure I did it justice.



Song: Then comes, Jack. Sounds like someone whose heart is being ripped… what is it about a sad song that we all can relate to Chelsey?


Chelsey: Yeah, my heart was ripped out. Losing your best friends, and feeling like it was your fault, is equally as bad as losing a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone has felt abandoned, and has gone through days where you can’t even do simple things..


Song: We compare ourselves constantly, and social media has become the ultimate in our fantasy wild lies. Yeah Pretty Yeah… a lived experience?


Chelsey: Of course. I see how pretty and thin some of my Facebook friends are. I see them having kids, getting married, and although I don’t yearn for that every day, sometimes it stings. Am I not good enough? But you never see the bad in their lives, and you forget that you can filter your life on social media.


Song: In Trinkets you bust your vocal chords to deliver a solid scream. It sounds as if it is coming though from some place you know. Is it?


Chelsey: Bob Hoag wanted a big, explosive ending to this song. It’s jazzy and weird, and the only real lyric is “I don’t believe everyone ends up alone.” You’re scared, you scream into the air in the car. Just frustration. I want to believe this but, do I?


Song: Butchery, a pronounced title. What is in the song?


Chelsey: It’s a very exaggerated metaphor, Butchery. Whatever sets you free, do it, even if it’s butchery. Obviously, don’t go all “The Purge” on people, but you know, if you wanna run around in the jungle naked.. be my guest.


Song: How easy is it to mix a deprecating song with an upbeat tone? Whipping Boy certainly delivered.


Chelsey: Whipping Boy is definitely sarcastic in that sense. It was like, “Shit. I screwed up hard, and there’s nothing much I can do it about it so.. here’s a song about how I suck.”


Song: Banshee. Girl/Boy relationship stuff. Is that at times what relationships gone sour sound like?


Chelsey: Banshee is a big middle finger.


Song: The final song to me sounded cool, so very cool. As I listened I kept thinking, “Shaken Not Stirred.” Notes from Wonderland sounds like a theme song from a James Bond Film. By chance, has M called yet?


Chelsey: Yes, she called from the grave. (laughs)


Song: Chelsey what does the release of this album, Dramabot, mean to you?


Chelsey: I feel like it’s a turning point in my life.. but I really don’t like to have high expectations. Then you can never be disappointed. IT’S FOOL PROOF!


Song: Lastly, Is Miley Cyrus still your favorite female vocalist… or have you moved on to Taylor Swift now?


Chelsey: (Taking an exaggerated bow) TSwift is a God among men.


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Our Lists for the Best Shows of 2014!!!


Song River:

Escape the Fate Falling in Reverse Survive This!- Jan 17th, 2014 . Marquee Theater

Pixies and Best Coast- Comerica Theatre – Feb 24, 2014

Black Mountain Moonshine May 21, 2014 – Icehouse

The lovelost June 18th, 2014 – Icehouse

The Bittersweet Way- August 22, 2014 – Rogue

Treasurefruit- Oct 22, 2014 – Icehouse

Weezer- Oct 17, 2014 – Az State Fair

Mills End- Sept 13, 2014 .- Last Exit Live

This Wild Life, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping Sirens- Nov 8, 2014- Rialto Theater

Americana Rocks- Dec. 6, 2014 – Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers, The Delta Fifths, and Mr. Lucky- Yucca Tap Room

Iris Andrade:

10/08 Belle & Sebastian, Orpheum Theater

5/29 First Aid Kit, Crescent Ballroom

01/11 Janelle Monae, Marquee Theater

11/23 Alvvays, Pub Rock

Henri Ng:

Ryan Adams w/ Jenny Lewis @ Gammage, 12/10/14

Alvvays @ Pub Rock,  11/23/14

Los Dias De La Crescent (Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta, Snake Snake Snakes!, Dry River Yacht Club, and others) @ Civic Space Park, 11/15/14

Dum Dum Girls  (A) @ Crescent Ballroom, 3/9/14, (B) @ Zia Records Camelback, 3/9/14 (C) @ Crescent Ballroom 11/13/14

Yelle @ Crescent Ballroom, 11/3/14

Darlene Love @ Talking Stick, 11/1/14

Preservation Hall Jazz Band @ Scottsdale Performing Center of the Arts, 11/14/14

Metronomy @ Crescent Ballroom, 10/18/14

Sondre Lerche w/ TEEN @ MIM Theatre, 10/4/14

Paul McCartney @ US Airways Center, 8/12/14

First Aid Kit @ Crescent Ballroom, 5/29/14

Of the Painted Choir @ Crescent Ballroom, 6/12/14

The Ghost of the Sabre Tooth Tiger @ Crescent Ballroom, 3/15/14

Chromeo @ Marquee, 4/19/14

Pet Shop Boys @ Comerica Theatre, 4/18/14

Ash @ Rips, 2/2/14

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Crescent Ballrom, 5/10/14

Best Openers:

PAWS @ Rhythm Room, 5/11/14

The Nix  @ Last Exit Live, 1/9/14

Casket Girls @ Crescent Ballroom, 3/9/14

The Lovelost @ Crescent Lounge, 9/8/14

Chicha Dust @ Crescent Ballroom,  6/12/14

Fear of Men @ Crescent Ballroom, 5/10/14

Fairy Bones @ Yucca Tap Room, 12/31/14

Lindsay Cates:

wye oak – crescent ballroom, 7/18/14

courtney barnett – crescent ballroom, 11/5/14

luluc – stinkweeds instore, 11/10/14

dengue fever – crescent ballroom, 9/11/14

together pangea – last exit, 2/1/14

willie watson – crescent ballroom, 11/4/14

water liars – last exit, 11/17/14

trans am – crescent ballroom, 6/2/14

Dario Miranda:

Courtney Barnett @ Crescent Ballroom, 11/5/2014

Downtown Chamber Series with Flamenco Por la Vida @ Legend City, 11/15/2014

Damien Jurado @ Crescent Ballroom, 5/17/2014

Califone, Wooden India, Destruction Unit, Cherie Cherie @ The Icehouse Gallery, 3/21/2014

Neutral Milk Hotel @ Crescent Ballroom , 4/16/2014

Melissa Fossum:

4/9/14 Sleigh Bells at Crescent Ballroom

5/21/14 Against Me! at Nile Theater

3/18/14 St. Vincent at Orpheum Theatre

8/4/14 The Hold Steady at Crescent Ballroom

8/8/14 Paramore at Ak-Chin Pavilion

8/12/14 Paul McCartney at US Airways Center

10/8/14 Belle and Sebastian at Orpheum Theatre

6/23/14 The Menzingers at Pub Rock

6/30/14 Deafheaven at Crescent Ballroom

1/11/14 Whisperlights final show at Crescent Ballroom

9/16/14 The Breeders at Crescent Ballroom

1/22/14 Red City Radio at Yucca Tap Room


Onus Records, a brand new label out of Sunnyslope is celebrating their launch this Wednesday Jan 14th at the Rhythm Room. Their first band No Volcano releases their album Feb 7th at the Pressroom.


SONG RIVER  sat down with Serene Dominic, one of the label’s producers/writers and recording talent (by himself and with his group The GemSeekers) for a few moments to gain some clarity.

 So if we do this right, in the future. the Sunnyslope time-line will read TB–Crystal Meth–Satan Worship—Onus Records.”- Serene Dominic

 Song River: Serene what you and Tommy have created is really a huge undertaking. What is your background that drew Tommy to asking you to be involved with Onus Records?

Serene: My background is that I’m a guy who’s been recording all his material at home for about five years now. I’ve done six albums and countless other tracks and that I am plugged into a community of like-minded people who are doing the same thing, that is existing in a perpetual cycle of writing—- recording. It’s what I do for fun when I’m home. I don’t watch TV and I don’t do a lot of home improvement. Tommy saw my Bob Cratchit recording setup,  which is nothing, a computer, some mics and a windscreen or two and figured, “How hard could this be?” 

Song: I understand there was a car crash and some pay out along the way too? 

Serene Dominic: Yes, Tommy set up the label when he got some money from an insurance settlement. He got t-boned against the side of a building by a car that bounded onto the sidewalk. It’s amazing he can still use his right arm. There’s another lawsuit pending from the accident, I probably shouldn’t talk about, but I heard Tommy and the driver are going to join forces and sue the makers of the erectile dysfunction pill the driver was taking, which he’s claiming kicked in 48 hours too late and caused him to step on the gas.

Song: You had mentioned you were a performer, but also classified yourself to be more of a creative silent partner aka C.E.S.P (creative embedded silent partner ) what is that in layperson’s terms Serene?

Serene: That simply means that I’m one of a cabal of writer/producers who work in the shadows for the greater good of producing this music, sometimes procuring it from other talents who I know are making music for no money anyway.

Song: What role makes you more comfortable– performer or songwriter?

Serene: Performing is always more uncomfortable, because you never know if people are going to like you or not. They generally do, but that nervousness is what makes it exciting.

Songwriting you have the advantage of trying everything 100 times until you’re satisfied with it.

Song: If I am understanding this current project, Onus Records, it sounds as if artists are asked to record a song written by someone else and then release it under another name not their own? Help guide me here if you would. Give us a step by step directional list. Also, let bands and other musicians know how they might be able to get involved.

Serene: I reach out to people I think are talented, ask if they would like to add vocals to a pre-existing track or co-write something with me, that’s step one. It’s a very slow dance for most Arizonans.  

I assemble tracks on my own, some with the Shark Room Crew, we have a background singer from the group the Danger Crew, and Kat and Pierre who sing with Cait Brennan. Or we do some tracks with the GemSeekers and try to find the right voices to sing on those tracks.

In some cases, as with No Volcano, Eric VanAusdal and The Extended Play, we’ve gotten fantastic finished masters that we’re happy to just slap an Onus logo on. They are all adding facets to our growing sound. Some artists might not be comfortable with using their own name when it’s not their band or don’t want to be listed as a solo. For them we might create a phantom group they can hide behind. Record labels used to do that all the time when people were contracted to one label, but moonlighted for another. I heard we signed a band called The Spooners that play everything with spoons. I haven’t heard them, but if I see some people come to the studio, holy f***, we won’t stop until we convince everyone they are The Spooners. 

Song: Why free? Does the word ‘free’ give way to a product maybe not being considered valuable?

Serene: Right now no one values music at any price. We’re building equity in the Onus name as a brand, and I hate that word, but a brand that people  will trust and look forward to getting music from. It wasn’t that long ago that people had a favorite record label they trusted like SubPop or 4AD. Now no one knows what’s on what label, I don’t think Spotify lists the parent company, because it’s not that important anymore. Well, shouldn’t it be?

Song: Why the Sunnyslope District? What is it musically that sings and sways, “Sunnyslope?”

Serene: That’s the other thing. There used to be was ‘regional’ music. Heck, even our fabled Tempe sound is a perfect example of that. If you bought an Aaron Neville single – you saw New Orleans on the label where it came from and you heard it in the groove. Motown had a map of Detroit on its label.

Sunnyslope is a hard working community, there’s a lot of grit here. And don’t forget people used to come to Sunnsylope to air out their tuberculosis. Then we got crystal meth and that led to devil worshiping. People associate all those things with Sunnyslope, but Sunnyslope has a whole lotta soul. So if we do this right, in the future. the Sunnyslope time-line will read TB–Crystal Meth–Satan Worship—Onus Records.(snickers)

Song: Is there a certain sound Onus is looking for?

Serene: Well, soul music for one and country soul in another. But No Volcano is almost neo-classic rock and glitter to me. I sometimes worry that I might be writing the same Temptations song over and over again, but then I’ll put those songs to bed and something else always turns up.

(pauses) Obviously the Motown thing is really big with us, but that’s because heartfelt music will compel others to feel something. I don’t mind confused sounding music… either as long as it’s compelling.

 “This is the future your Lars Ulrich warned you about.” Tommy Globbit and Serene Dominic

 Song: How has today’s sound, marketing and media portrayal influenced Onus and the direction the record company is taking?

Serene: Yes, we’re doing everything the opposite of what is happening in the outside world. Well, maybe DapTone. They’re retro, using the house-band approach to assembling music that can fall under a brand. And there are labels in town that have their own sound, Rubber Brothers, they have their niche sound then there’s Related Records, their stuff is pretty far out. Nobody, however is marketing music like an ad pitchman. I liked to think that we’re aggressively marketing what music we have on social media the same way people used to sell sheet music.

Song: What have been some of the greatest challenges in developing this project?

Serene: I think the biggest challenge is that Onus has come along at a time where people seem to be done with downloading, as if even that is too much trouble. They just want to stream everything, which you have to be cognizant of. Well, then what we’re doing here with the ‘Single of the Weekend’ and the ‘Heritage Hump’ singles is create a kick-ass listening station where people can spend some time checking out things that strike their fancy. Right now we’re doing it from a Bandcamp site, but if I could create a web page that acts like a living, breathing record store where people might hang out online, that would be the pinnacle.

Song: Are adjustments along the way, a natural occurrence in any business

Serene: Well, No Volcano, being the first band signed to the label, wanted to have CD’s pressed to sell at shows, so there will be some concrete Onus product. Since we signed them before going over to a non-profit status, it’s grandfathered into their deal that they can make money selling their CD’s and digital album online. Same with me, I have a whole Serene Dominic catalog that is available for sale online. It’s just this music I’m creating specifically for Onus that is available for free.

Song: Your press conference is around the corner for this venture into Onus. What is it you and Tommy are looking to tell the world?

Serene and Tommy in unison: This is the future your Lars Ulrich warned you about. And Onus Records is gonna make sure we all have fun living through it!

“So if we do this right, in the future. the Sunnyslope time-line will read TB–Crystal Meth–Satan Worship—Onus Records.”- Serene Dominic

Song River- Music, Arts, People, Beach it is in my blood. Known for being a free-spirited, independent fire-starter. Ideas are infectious, and I’m always looking to build a community with various genres of artists to support a creative and energetic flow. Photo-journalistic endeavors: music, editorials, travel, artistic portraiture’s that tell a story with one glance. Dream is to globe hope to photo-document educational entities world-wide. Comic-Con Geek (especially Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, and Firefly).



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